july 26, 1923 (solliès-pont): you are lovely... and all your letters, too, are lovely, like the white nights.

november 8, 1923 (berlin): i love you, i want you, i need you unbearably. [...] how can i explain to you, my happiness, my golden, wonderful happiness, how much i am all yours – with all my memories, poems, outbursts, inner whirlwinds?

december 30, 1923 (prague): my love, you know, i'm simply very bored without you. [...] i love you, my sun, my life, i love your eyes – closed – all the little tails of your thoughts, your stretchy vowels, your whole soul from head to heels.

january 2, 1924 (prague): you are made entirely of tiny arrow-like movements – i love every one of them.

january 8, 1924 (prague): i love you. without end.

january 16, 1924 (prague): i love you, truly, more than the sun.

january 24, 1924 (prague): i know that i am a very boring and unpleasant man, drowned in literature… but i love you.

august 13, 1924 (prague): my tenderness, my happiness, what words can i write for you? how strange that although my life’s work is moving a pen over paper, i don’t know how to tell you how i love, how i desire you.

august 18, 1924 (berlin): i love you today with a special kind of wide, sunny love, saturated with a pine smell.

january 19, 1925 (berlin): i love you. infinitely and inexpressibly. i've woken up in the middle of the night and here i am writing this. my love, my happiness.

june 12, 1926 (berlin): i more than adore you. you are my happiness and life. when i think about you, i get so happy and light, and since i think about you always, i am always happy and light.

june 29, 1926 (berlin): my darling, when you stop writing to me, i begin to panic a little.

july 4, 1926 (berlin): i love you utterly. i am kissing you, my head-spinning happiness, every little pound by itself...

july 12, 1926 (berlin): when i think how i will soon see you, hold you, i feel such excitement, such wonderful excitement, that i stop living for a few moments.

may 20, 1930 (prague): my love, it feels more and more impossible for me without you.

march 10, 1937 (paris): either because i have been writing, or because of the lilac sun, or because i will see you in three weeks i am completely cheerful today.

april 14, 1937 (paris): i physically sense your fatigue, my darling, and endlessly, inexpressibly, chestnuttily love you.

april 21, 1937 (paris): i love you, life is meaningless without you.

may 5, 1937 (paris): i am insanely worried at not knowing where you are going, nor when, nor where nor when i should go (as you see, the 'nors' here are carrying a double load.)

may 15, 1937 (paris): my dear love, i promise you that you will get a thorough rest and that our life in general will be easier and simpler.

april 5, 1939 (london): i adore, adore you!

october 17, 1942 (valdosta, GA): your little letters, my love, keep coming from different places.